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Title: Test of Manhood (GC5A0PX) gets archived!
Post by: bluelamb03 on August 05, 2014, 09:38:45
I found Test of Manhood ( on Sunday, a collaborative effort with Sakidoo, LotusFire, Mr. Packrat and Model12. By Monday evening it was archived! What happened?

You can see in our FTF logs that we had some reservations about the cache. The distance of the redirect is apparently not a problem, the three klick rule is for puzzle caches, but the quality of the redirect and the container were an issue.

And I did contact the cacheowner on Monday morning, pay close attention to the second to last sentence:

Hi Shiloh,

We found your new cache "Test of Manhood" yesterday. Thanks for the interesting cache hide but I'd like to point out a few things if I may.

You need to secure your tags/containers better. String breaks, duct tape doesn't grip in the rain, you need to use wire to keep your caches where they are supposed to be....

You need to use waterproof tags/containers. (

Whatever you're planning to use for a cache place it outdoors, with a slip of newsprint in it if it's a container, and wait for two weeks. The temperature cycles, the dew and the rain over that time will tell you if you've chosen wisely. Almost anything can be used as a cache container, depending on where you hide the cache, but hanging a toothbrush container on a dead branch in a swamp is not a cache that will last long. It's got to be weatherproof.

Your final location was far too close to an existing traditional cache. You must learn about the proximity guidelines and follow them. If you misled the reviewer about the location of the final location the cache will be withdrawn and you'll have real trouble publishing any further caches.

Thanks again for the cache, I'm looking forward to your next efforts on our behalf.

Lots of enthusiasm to be sure, but not a lot of attention to detail.....

Blue -
Title: Re: Test of Manhood (GC5A0PX) gets archived!
Post by: GopherGreg on August 10, 2014, 15:47:08
What was the redirect made of? Was it waterproof, or was the final container the real issue?
Title: Re: Test of Manhood (GC5A0PX) gets archived!
Post by: bluelamb03 on August 11, 2014, 20:43:15
Both would be a problem after a good rain.....

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