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General Discussion / Re: Forest destruction west of GFR
« Last post by bluelamb03 on April 27, 2017, 15:18:24 »
I would vote for archiving the listing and placing a new one once the construction has come to an end and access is clear once again.

Thanks for looking after all these caches for so long. I enjoyed this little woodlot and its great trails over the years. It will be interesting to see what remains after the suburb goes in....

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General Discussion / Re: Forest destruction west of GFR
« Last post by elyob on April 26, 2017, 22:02:10 »
I seek some advice concerning GC2P27G.  I expect that this location will survive construction and will eventually be part of green space in a future suburb.  However, in the mean time, all cachers must now pass No Trespassing signs to get to the cache container. 
Should I archive the cache immediately, due to legal concerns and safety issues? 
Should I temporarily disable the cache, hoping reviewers leave it be until the construction is complete? 
Should I just let things continue as they are, hoping that my cache is not putting cachers at risk?
Help With Geocaching Software / Chrome Tampermonkey Script
« Last post by bluelamb03 on April 26, 2017, 09:12:12 »
Like the Greasemonkey script "GC Littlehelper" that runs on Firefox there is a useful script for Chrome users.

Install Tampermonkey and then add the " + Project-GC" script and configure as you please. Like GC Littlehelper it has lots of useful features and runs well on Chrome browsers.

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General Discussion / Re: need coin / swag this week
« Last post by bluelamb03 on April 24, 2017, 12:29:57 »
If you must have them by the end of the week you had better check with the on-line sellers about their shipping times.
Landsharkz in Victoria are a good source, but check on shipping!

If you come to the CCC Monthly Meet & Eat on Tuesday evening, CCC Meet & Eat - April 2017 by Canada's Capital Cachers | GC73HC8 there is CCC logo swag available for purchase, tack-back pins, geo-tags and cloth badges.

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General Discussion / need coin / swag this week
« Last post by Econocrat on April 24, 2017, 08:34:13 »
Hi. I am setting up a new cache for a field exercise for local air cadets.

Where could I buy coins or some other FTF swag this week?

Congrats! A long wait until the snow melted to deliver the final of the series...
General Discussion / New website features
« Last post by bluelamb03 on March 30, 2017, 12:11:28 »
PSA passed on from CacheShadow.

"Geocaching HQ sent an email to a few API partners (eg GSAK) outlining changes to how logging should be handled in the near future. Of course, that means there are now forum thread debates and Facebook geodrama occurrences across the planet.

Headline : If you are an Ontario geocacher, chances are you won't care or be affected by upcoming changes that Geocaching HQ appear to be implementing. Carry on with your day. That being said, in the near future - don't expect to log a Find, Attended, Will Attend or Webcam Photo Taken log on the same cache listing *more than once*. Ontario doesn't see a lot of that -- and when folks discover they've logged something more than once, they usually go out of their way to fix it! Also - don't expect to log a Find, Needs Maintenance, Needs Archived or Needs Maintenance on a cache you own. This of course *would* allow you to log an Attended on an event you hosted -- and your existing logs on caches you adopted wouldn't be affected either. (Just don't adopt a cache and then attempt to log a Find after you own it. That doesn't make sense -- although there is an easy work around to permit such wackiness). As for logging a Needs Maintenance or Needs Archived on your own cache -- that's probably never a good idea anyway. Logging a Needs Maintenance on your own cache is likely going to dissuade folks from looking for it; it's also going to drop the Health Score -- which might out your cache on a Reviewer radar when it doesn't need to be there. (Look up "Health Score" in the Geocaching Help Centre if you aren't sure what that is).
If your cache needs repair -- make yourself a bookmark (or better still Disable it). As for Needs Archived -- some folks think that Reviewers are the only ones with a big red Archive button. If your cache needs to be retired -- you can take it out of play yourself with the Archive option directly. Nice and easy.

Like I said -- probably not an issue for Ontario cachers. Some regions have circumstances where folks log the same cache or event over and over again. Why? ( Blue - : Usually it's because an event will feature "temporary" caches that aren't submitted to the website, so finders are encouraged to log the event or an existing cache more than once.)  That doesn't happen in Ontario to any measurable degree... so all the above is likely not going to affect you at all.

This text was posted in the GSAK forums by the guy who creates GSAK. He indicated it was from Geocaching HQ. No, it's not April 1st.
"We're emailing to inform you that we are making two important changes to the Partner API, both of which go into effect on May 8th, 2017.

Log Types:
The first area of change regards the log types supported by Geocaching. They include:
1. Cache owners will no longer be able to log a "Find", "DNF", "Webcam Photo Taken", "Needs Archived", or "Needs Maintenance" on their own caches.
2. Players will no longer be able to log more than 1 (one) "Find", “Webcam Photo Taken”, "Attended", or "Will Attend" per cache.

We believe that enforcing these will streamline the core logging structure of the game, resolve long-standing requests for these changes from our community, and reduce confusion for our newer community members."

So, there you go. No need for panic, Ontario geocachers! Assuming this all goes ahead as planned, at least your mobile app will likely stop logging the same cache over and over again. Assuming this all goes ahead as planned, at the most -- your mobile app will likely stop logging the same cache over and over again. Assuming this all goes ahead as planned, at the most -- your mobile app will likely stop logging the same cache over and over again."

Thanks for the heads up CacheShadow.

Blue -

Congrats!! MOSSBACK for the win!
Other (non-CCC) Geocaching Events / Re: Avalanche 2017 Event, 12th Edition !
« Last post by jclba on March 02, 2017, 21:07:16 »

To all geocachers participating in the Avalanche Event,
- Geocachers holding the AGQ Path Tag will have a 1,00$ rebate on the Park entrance fees;
- We will be giving away an Oregon 600 GPS;
- Particpate in our 50/50 raffle;
- Many door prizes;
- A special activity just for kids;
- Our modest but always delicious canteen;
- The Géo-Boutique will be available;
- A few games of skill: winners will have an extra entry in the door prizes draw;
- New caches will be published in and arount the au Parc du Bois de Belle-Rivière;

Please note that for the caches outside the Parc du Bois de Belle-Rivières, there might be a few ditches to cross.  In light of the recent warm weather, you might need your water boots or snow shoes...  who knows ?!

Do not miss this super Ne manquez pas ce super Winter Geocaching Event !  The biggest of its kind !
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