Author Topic: "A Puzzling Weekend: Winter Picnic" by Fee&me - Place some puzzles!  (Read 965 times)

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A new event was published recently, "A Puzzling Weekend: Winter Picnic" by Fee&me, which is tied into the new challenge cache in town, "25-Puzzles-in-1-Day Challenge" by Fee&me,

If you're anything like me the reason there's an unfound puzzle cache out there is because you can't solve it or can't reach it! So to give people a chance at finding 25 puzzles in one day I've recently published 3 'easy' puzzle caches. Lots of time to get them solved before the 24th if you're attempting the 25 finds the day before the event.

So help out those attempting the challenge; consider publishing a 'puzzle' cache that doesn't require trigonometry, Classical Latin or a degree in Computer Science! You'll also be helping people attempting Taoiseach's "The Somewhat Unbalanced Geocacher Challenge", and even those trying to improve their 'ratio' for "Le Défi du géocacheur bien équilibré (Bilingual)"


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