Author Topic: Using GSAK to load a bookmark list without a Pocket Query  (Read 3173 times)

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It is quite easy to create a Pocket Query from a bookmark list and load it to GSAK, but if you don't have any pocket queries left for a day (like me, today), and you want to load a bunch of caches (say a GAG17 list), here's a simple way to do it. (Using GSAK 8 ) I did this in a separate database, which makes it a bit simpler.

1) Go to the Bookmark list and select enough "Results per Page" to get all the caches on one page.
2) Select them all by clicking the green check at the top left.
3) Click the "Download to .LOC" at the bottom of the page and save it to your system
4) Load the LOC file in GSAK by selecting File>Load GPX/LOC/ZIP
5) Get the full properties of the listings by selecting Access>Refresh Cache Data and select "All in Current Filter"

Voila, complete GAG17 list without needing to use a Pocket Query.

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Re: Using GSAK to load a bookmark list without a Pocket Query
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Awesome Ron, will have to give this a go when I get home. Not that I've run out of PQ's