Author Topic: Vehicle on path near GAG10 - Gnome in the Thousand Years of Peace  (Read 1745 times)

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Another interesting day caching north of Lytle Park...

This afternoon I found GAG10 - Gnome in the Thousand Years of Peace.  Not a big deal, right?

As I was walking north along the path back to my car, a dark green Land Rover came roaring down the path and shot off down the road to the old abandoned quarry.
As I proceeded north along the main path, I heard a noise in the trees to the west and saw something bounding northward along a trail in the woods.
I thought it might have been a deer, but it was the driver of the Land Rover. Not sure what was going on there, but I didn't hang around to find out.

I didn't think motorized vehicles were allowed on that pathway (other than perhaps city and hydro vehicles).


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Re: Vehicle on path near GAG10 - Gnome in the Thousand Years of Peace
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We were out there today as well! Saw the landrover as we were leaving via Lytle Avenue.  He gunned it in the other direction from us which was a good thing because our dog was just out of reach for grabbing his leash!  I thought it strange as well....that's not a road for vehicles of any kind.  Found six while out in the woods today. Beautiful day!