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Windows 8 Phone Apps
« on: April 01, 2013, 00:46:47 »
I've made this comment on the site as well, but thought I would share here. 

When I am out caching, I rarely take my gps...haven't in about 5 years, in fact.  I started on mobile with a Sony Xperia x10 and the c:geo app...worked okay, was good enough for what I needed.  From there, I switched to a Blackberry, and never did find an app that I liked so fell away a bit from geocaching.

About two months ago, my husband traded in his blackberry for a Windows phone...a Nokia Lumia 920.  Immediately, I searched the app store, and found a geocaching app...or three...or four...I tried out his phone's capability on a few caches I had already done in and around KRC.  I was hooked again! 

Within three weeks, I ordered my own Lumia 920, and said goodbye to the Blackberry.  Geocaching Live is the official app for  Logging in via mobile allows me to search by location, name, or just perform a radius search.  As a basic member, you can save complete details for three individual caches per day.  As a premium member, there is no limit.  All searches can be saved into my "backpack" so that I am not using data when out treasure hunting, but can still access all cache information. 

It is all integrated with Windows, using Bing maps. (not Google maps, but not complaining at all...much better than the iPhone 5 maps!!)  Best feature for me? The ability to log immediately, share photos, and share caches via Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or email.  Since I tend to cache alone or with my husband, and am constantly trying to convert friends over to geocaching, Skype kind of rocks...I can pick a cache, and show someone exactly what I am doing as I do it...they can look online at a cache's details, while I (with video) share what I am seeing...this has been great for really convincing people to try it...even those who hate snowshoes or winter's cold.

And, when geocaching with my spouse, he can also video while I look, since I tend to fall out of trees, or face plant into snow banks, or fall in creeks, or mistake snakes for sticks and do the girly scream-and-dance-routine...and that has been good for the family, since the kids are now looking forward to laughing at mom again...and hey, "maybe you'll go viral!"

The app gets a 5-star endorsement from me, and my gps will remain at home, awaiting the summer canoe trips.