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Grade 4 Teacher Needs Your Help!
« on: April 04, 2013, 17:34:24 »
I am a grade 4 teacher in Ottawa who has a very excited group of students who have just found out there is 'treasure' all around them. Being new to geocaching myself, I am looking for someone willing to come in and talk with us about geocaching. Maybe a show and tell type of talk to help us get some of the 'lingo' down.

I'm also looking to start a geocaching club at our school and could use some advice on what types of gps units to buy/where to get them/...and possible avenues to explore for school discounts. If anyone had an old gps unit they aren't using anymore...donations would be greatly accepted!

Any replies would be much appreciated! I want kids to realize that there are exciting things waiting for them OUTSIDE and AWAY from their video game systems.

Tracey Tinley


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Re: Grade 4 Teacher Needs Your Help!
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2013, 20:50:19 »
Hi Tracey,

I'd definitely be interested in coming and talking to the kids! Hopefully one of the more "experienced" geocachers could come in with me to give more detail, but I can provide the youthful aspect, as I'm 20 (and one of the younger Ottawa cachers). I'm also a summer camp counsellor with kids ranging from 3-15 years old and this summer I will be leading an outdoor adventure camp with geocaching lessons, so this works perfectly. I hope we can work something out!

- Cassie aka CacherCass


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Re: Grade 4 Teacher Needs Your Help!
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2013, 21:41:20 »
Depending on when and where, I may be able to help out too! Also look up Sakidoo, she and I have done lessons and class-caching to students at a local school in the past.

A couple of thoughts based on our past experiences:

We have hidden special non-published geocaches in parks very near the school to give the students a taste of what it is like to find caches. Where there were live caches within a reasonable walking distance, we visited those too.

The school had its own collection of Garmin eTrex GPS units (enough for a class to pair up and each pair carry a unit). If you aren't able to source GPS units, it may be possible to arrange something between those of us in the caching community. It is also possible to find geocaches using iPhone and Android smartphones with $5-10 Geocaching apps.

After Sakidoo and I took the groups to the "live" (and pretend) geocaches, the kids worked on hiding their own little containers. Each team or individual would hide one, collect the coordinates, and pass them out for other teams to find.

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