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« on: August 23, 2018, 17:44:40 »
For years I never had a problem with putting my geocaches on GASK Google maps.
I never had to worry about what an API key was...everything was working fine.
Until....this new API key situation with Google.

Yesterday I went to the Google Cloud Platform and created an account for billing and got an API key and inserted it in the GSAK ConfigOther.txt file. But today all I can see is one cache on  my map.

I don't see much conversation anywhere about this. GSAK forum has some but knows it may have to goes elsewhere for maps.

I don't see any conversation here on CCC. Maybe I am not looking in the right place.

Anyway, I wonder if this new problem affects EVERYONE, because as I  mentioned I don't see much conversation about it.
Is everyone using GSAK or is there another program that will display the geocaches on a map like GSAK does?

I know this conversation belongs in the GSAK Forum, but I was wondering how our CCC members are fairing with this problem?



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« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2018, 15:34:06 »
You'll need to give Google a credit card - more to prove you are "real" than anything else - and you'll get a $300 credit and that lasts for a year.
After that... well, my approach will be to fire up another email address, use a new credit card... etc etc.
1) Go to
2) Click on "Console" in the top right to visit the Console
3) Click on Create a Project
4) Give the project a unique name - e.g. "GSAK API Key"
5) Select the API Manager
6) Choose Credentials
7) Select API Key
8) Choose Browser Key
9) You can leave the restrictions "as is"
10) Copy the long string (e.g. AkE3cV3blahblah) to your clipboard -- that's your API Key.
Then to use it in GSAK  -- fire up GSAK, go to Tools menu and at the bottom is "ConfigOther.txt" - click on that.
Scroll down/find the section that looks like :
[Google Maps]       
Save it. Restart GSAK. Give it about 10 mins.


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« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2018, 08:36:17 »
Thanks RCA777,
I've done that, hope it lasts for a while and does not touch my budget.
However does every geocacher have to do the same?
It seems rather quiet on this subject everywhere.