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GAG20 - Call For Photos!
« on: October 23, 2013, 09:53:20 »
It's that time again!

For those who haven't been to a GAG event before (the final get-together in the hall at 6pm part, not the caching-all-day part), we will have a slideshow running in the background all evening showcasing photos from people's geocaching adventures.

This is where I need help - I have lots of photos of the "usual suspects" but one can only handle so many of those... so if you have any fun, memorable photos from your geocaching experiences, whether caching in Ottawa, or anywhere around the world, please send them my way!

Preference would be for caching experiences you've had in the past year (since GAG19) but anything you'd like to share would be great.

Please contact me via my profile or by email at greyingjay at gmail dot com.