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Custom (Dog)Tags for Geo-Gear, TBs, etc.
« on: February 27, 2014, 19:45:38 »
Hi, All:

I recently came across a great Canadian supplier for custom-made U.S.-style military dog tags.  I just ordered two pairs of custom dog tags with red (for Canada) silencers  and embossed maple leafs to "tag" my various gear bags and key rings, and they arrived in the mail about four days after I ordered them.

At the recent CCC monthly gathering at Summerhay's, Blue Lamb suggested that I post information about "my find" to share with everyone.  Just think; tag your gear with a contact name and number, and maybe allergy info; make inexpensive and very durable custom tags for all your TBs, your geo-pets, etc! The dog tags and silencers are available in many colours, and there is also and oversized dog tag, with a larger text capacity, as well.

Have a look at the online dog tag generator at and let me know what you think, or ask to see mine, when we meet on the trails, or at the CCC monthly gatherings.

Best Regards,

Bald(Rick) of
Team BaldRed