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Caches up for adoption
« on: March 03, 2014, 18:39:27 »
I have the caches listed below that I would like to adopt out. If the caches are not adopted out by March 10th I will have to archive them, and collect the containers later in the spring.  I no longer have time/funds to go that far out to maintain any of them.

  • GC2TWRK - SNCITO2 - Right there... on the right!
  • GC2TWR7 - SNCITO2 - Kings Highway
  • GC2TWQR - SNCITO2 - Dilapidated Rest Stop
  • GC2TWQM - SNCITO2 - Power Failure

If you're interested please message me using the email address graciious"at"