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GPSmap62s and GPX files
« on: April 25, 2014, 15:05:12 »
I'd like to load multiple caches into my new GPSmap62s, without using GSAK.
Right now if I check off multiple caches from a list (e.g. "find nearby caches that I haven't found") and hit "Download", then EasyGPS opens but only has a .loc file (ie summary info) that I can send to my GPSr.
I want to go paperless and get the full cache info available in a .GPX file.
Any inputs gratefully received.


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Re: GPSmap62s and GPX files
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2014, 15:09:18 »
Using that method, you will only get a .loc file.

Using pocket queries is the method to use to the paperless information you are looking for.

I don't use EasyGPS, so I have no information how it works with GPX files.

In general, you can run a pocket query, download the generated file, unzip and copy the .gpx file to the \Garmin\GPX folder on your GPS and you're good to go.
Two things to check off (place a checkmark beside) in your pocket query is "I haven't found" and "I don't own".

I use multiple PQ's; I have one just for trads, one for puzzles, multi's, etc.
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Re: GPSmap62s and GPX files
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2014, 16:34:35 »
EasyGPS will open and send GPX files with no trouble, but if you want multiple caches loaded on you'll have to do it from a pocket query.


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