Author Topic: Saturday March 14th, 2015 - Pi day souvenir quest!  (Read 937 times)

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Saturday March 14th, 2015 - Pi day souvenir quest!
« on: March 08, 2015, 17:33:58 »
Next Saturday's outing is all about earning the Pi day souvenirs.

We start the day by attending the Ultra Pi Day World-Wide Multi-Event by Full Circle at 0926 hrs to bag one souvenir, but on the way we'll stop at some puzzle caches to earn a second virtual reward. We have several to choose from:

Riddle me this ... by Brian of BrianDiane,
nat(image)ion by Brian of BrianDiane, and
A Life of Pie by model12

Then we head to Perth, Ontario, for the second Pi day event: 3-14-15- It's Pi Day!  by MasterCacherz and Waterlillimm and there's another opportunity for a puzzle cache there as well, An Irrational Puzzle by MasterCacherz

At the moment that's the only "new" cache in the Perth area, but I'm sure there's some new ones appearing soon.

See you at Al's for 0700 hrs, and bring your snowshoes!

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