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Battery usage strategies
« on: March 23, 2015, 13:24:39 »
I recently bough the MH-C9000 and started analyzing my batteries.  After searching all the drawers I have 32  ranging from  255mah to 2416mah and 3 so far have come up as high after break in.

With this many should I be rotating them so they are used equally or let them sit and just cycle through the best ones?
Some devices like my flashlight and headlamp last months between recharges should I put the lower capacity cells in those devices?

Also Target has the 4 packs of the blacktop Duracell rechargables for 9.99 during clearance.


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Re: Battery usage strategies
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2015, 08:55:57 »
Only 32?  I have over 220  :o  ::)

What I typically do is: batteries such as black top Duracell, Rayovac Hybrid, etc. (i.e. non Eneloop based batteries) are used in low current devices such as computer mice, clocks, etc since they don't hold their charge as long as an Eneloop based battery will.

I keep batteries that will hold a charge for a long time in my headlamps and flashlights, since I don't want to turn them on when I really need them only to find out the batteries are dead.
I also carry two sets of spare cells for my GPS, headlamps, etc., just in case.

As for the cells that are showing HIGH.  You can do a slow discharge on them (100 mA) and then try to charge them up again (may require hot swapping a good cell to trick the charger), but usually once a battery shows HIGH, they end up in my outdoor solar lights.