Author Topic: Introduce yourself, How did you get your geoname? Find out about geocaching?  (Read 67232 times)

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Hi All,

I guess after a year of caching I should introduce myself formally. I started when a client/friend of mine told me it would ba a great activity for me as I enjoy hiking. She was abosolutly correct and I have emersed in the hobby ever since. I have just started working on some challanges, the latest is to become a member of the Binthair All Finds Club, if it is still active.

I am looking forward to "Something completely Different" in November,

Steve(AKA Michel-Angleo)


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I started geocaching a year ago while living in a remote area of Alberta. I moved back into the Ottawa area 2 weeks ago & am loving how accessible geocaching now is to me. I've already earned my very first FTF. I've also started working on a streak to fill up my 366 days calendar. I am a solo cacher so I am looking forward to getting out to events & meeting other local cachers that I could hopefully tag along with once in a while. I'm also an avid geocoin collector/trader if anyone is interested in me bringing my collection to events for some trading just let me know.
Thanks for having me in this group. I look forward to getting to know everyone.


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Welcome aboard Sebxet (I'll have to learn how to pronounce that....)

Be sure to note the upcoming events on the calendar. Always good to see new faces.....

Blue -
Without shared stories we are strangers.
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Hello everyone,
I started caching in 2014 after being introduced to it by a friend. Although I'm sure that friend regrets doing so because I'm a lot more addicted to geocaching than he is... despite being very bad at it!

Back then, I had signed up under the name SparklingLemonade14 as SparklingLemonade was what I used to go by on the Internet and I like the numbers 1 and 4, but I kept forgetting and signing logs with my real name (Kaitlyn) so just decided to switch it to avoid confusion. I was surprised it was still available!

I'm glad Ottawa has such a nice geocaching community :) I'm currently studying out of town, and the geocaching scene just isn't the same... (even though I've never actually met any of you either xD)