Author Topic: Saturday September 26th 2015 - Gould Lake  (Read 1013 times)

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Saturday September 26th 2015 - Gould Lake
« on: September 21, 2015, 17:26:29 »
This weekend's outing takes us to Gould Lake Conservation Area near Sydenham Ontario for a nice long hike on the trails of the area....,-76.59222&z=14

Primary targets are a traditional that has not been found since September, 2013 Ridgewalk by nursematilda | GC41NQ9, a 5/4.5 multicache that hasn't been found since August 2013, Gould Lake - No Choice  by nursematilda | GC45Z4T, a second multi by Nursematilda, Gould Lake - A Choice , GC45Z4C and a Snoozejade multi that's a breathtaking tree climb! Seal_hunters' 1000th by snoozejade | GC3XGRT. There are many other caches along the way (and I've found them all) so a cache rich hike is guaranteed.

Because of the length of the hike and the lack of facilities I recommend everyone pack a lunch for an all day event at the Lake.
Al's for 0700 hrs!

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