Author Topic: CCC 'Let's Talk Geocaching' Workshop - Dec 2015  (Read 7923 times)

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CCC 'Let's Talk Geocaching' Workshop - Dec 2015
« on: December 05, 2015, 00:59:20 »
The December 2015 workshop (CCC 'Let's Talk Geocaching' Workshop - Dec 2015 by Canada's Capital Cachers, will talk about Winter Caching Tips & Tricks.
A good way to familiarize yourselves with the fun and realities of Canadian winters.

If you read the latest Groundspeak geocaching blog about Winter Geocaching (, make sure that you do NOT follow their advice to "bring a poking stick and poke that snow till you hear a clang or thud"... that would be the best way to damage a container already made brittle by the challenging conditions of cold weather. The CO will thank you for it.

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