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GC4241 - 50 State Traveler (Traveling Geocache)
« on: January 19, 2016, 15:14:31 »
I have in my possession, one of the legendary traveling geocaches, grandfathered from the very early years of geocaching.

The 50 State Traveler (GC4241) set out in March 2002 to visit and collect swag from all 50 US states. It has succeeded in visiting all the US states, but it is still collecting state themed swag. Following the completion of its 50 state mission, GC4241 continues to roam. It last came into the hands of Ranger Fox. In late November Ranger Fox gave us a thorough workshop on Wherigo creation after we warmly welcomed him to the area Ranger Fox pondered the directions this geocache could go, and he knew it would be treated well in the Ottawa area. This is the first time this geocache has left the US. Although it will be returning to the USA next month (this is firm), who knows- perhaps in the future it will continue traveling the provinces and territories of Canada.

Now a little about traveling geocaches. A long time ago (mid 2002?) Groundspeak ruled that geocaches should remain placed in the same location, permanently . Of course, geocaches that were already set to travel were allowed to be grandfathered. These geocaches are excluded from souvenirs or statistics, as they could really skew the results. The list of geocaches in this category are around 160 ( ) . Since the placement of traveling geocaches, many have been archived as they go missing, or more commonly, the MIA CO. For a traveling geocache to survive, the CO is required to constantly keep performing maintenance on the cache listing, updating the coordinates.

There are approximately 37 traveling geocaches left in the world. Of those 37, most (over 30) have a geographic restriction, usually one that is pretty small (park, town, state/province, etc.). In Canada, there are two in Calgary and one in BC, and by their design they must remain there and can never visit Ottawa. Only two traveling geocaches have ever visited Ottawa (to my knowledge), both in the year 2010: the 4th and final Canadian traveling cache, , and also  Brogan's Caching Karma Stick .
 I was also surprised to learn that there is a traveling geocache in New York , which is relatively close considering how far away all the other ones are. The best summary is this list:

Using the above list as a guide, I realized the 50 State traveler may be the last other traveling geocache to visit Ottawa, or even Ontario. Once you consider how few traveling geocaches are “allowed” to travel to Canada, and how unlikely that visit is (several of the candidates would have to travel from Europe), you realize just how rare this cache type has become. Also, although this cache was placed before 2004 and is (for a short time at least) going to be located within 25km of the peace tower, it is disqualified from counting as a local golden oldie ( ).

This will be returning to the USA in late-February. During that time, I will be its caretaker and at this time I don’t think I will let this rare geocache be physically hidden, so I can ensure it stays on schedule, not muggled, stolen, or fall into a snowbank and remain hidden until May. I will do my best to give the local geocaching community as many chances as I can to find this. See my log on the geocache for details on its availability (which is really my availability).

The best chance to find it is by attending an event:

Events: CCC Supper at Summerhays, Jan 26 Groundhog Day Feb 2 Finch Meet and Eat Workshop: February 2016
*Note, this geocache will be far away by February 29th, so it will not be attending those events here.
**Note, while the cache can be found at events, the event listing can't encourage the finding of the geocache because this is against the guidelines (events cannot organize cache hunts)

Also available:
Starting Jan 20: Most weekdays. By appointment (email me), preferably around the noon hour at this location: N45 22.501 W75 41.296
Starting Jan 20: Most weeknights, in Richmond, by appointment (email me).
Weekends: will vary depending on my plans. Email me or watch the listing for updates.