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BC cachers looking for operative
« on: April 16, 2016, 23:03:32 »
We are a team of geocachers in Victoria BC and we are working on a treasure hunt on Vancouver Island. This is similar to geocaching in that we use gps devices and have to have a good knowledge of geodesy. And, we must have a whole lot of perserverance. The organizer of this hunt has placed a small object in the Mt Tremblant area and we are wondering if there is an available geocacher who would be interested in becoming an operative for us. We would supply the gps coordinates of the location to be searched. We require a photo of the object you find for continuing our contest. We also feel that we may have to call on you again in the future as the organizer may have placed more than one similar object in preparation for subsequent  contests.  If anyone is adventurous please email us at We would be excited to hear from you.