Author Topic: Saturday February 13th, 2016 - a historical geo-tour.....?  (Read 5230 times)

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The focus of the day is the Historical GeoPassport Tour Launch by South Nation Conservation | GC6AE8Z

The good thing about the event is that some of us will be able to claim our souvenir coins at the event! I hope Tim brings some along.....
The bad thing about that is that it's been moved up to 1230 hrs, with a breakfast/lunch ($ -pancakes and syrup) at 1130 hrs. That sort of sits in the middle of the day.....

The initial plan is to head south on the 416 corridor to:
3: Grant's Mill,
6: Spencerville Mill
1: Roebuck Aboriginal Site
then head east toward the event venue through:
8: The Galop Canal  and 5: The McIntosh Apple

From there we can either head straight to the event on 43 or if there's time we can bag:
14: Winchester Springs  and or the Wherigo 7: Chesterville

After the event we return to Ottawa through those last two if necessary, then head north to:
15: Mountain Provincial Wildlife Area and 20: Shields Creek  to complete the day.

There's a couple of new traditional caches nearby the airport too, Skylars First Cache and Walkers First Cache,  as we head back.

This weekend promises to be a cold one! Wear your long johns!
See you at Al's for 0700 hrs.

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