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The Saturday Morning Caching Club, aka the geoMob
« on: August 11, 2010, 14:45:19 »
The geoMob is a group of cachers who regularly meet for breakfast on Saturday and then go geocaching.

The usual meeting place is Al's Diner, located at 834 Clyde Ave  near the intersection with Carling, just across Clyde from the new Canadian Tire store.  (Nearest major intersection is Churchill and Carling.) The co-ordinates:N45 22.687, W75 44.982. The usual meet time is 0700 hrs.

It should be noted that occasionally the geoMob will attempt to find a 'puzzle' cache as part of the day's agenda. If you have not 'solved' that particular puzzle you have the choice of either 'finding' the cache as a 'passenger' or you can choose to refrain from logging the find until you have solved the cache yourself. You're a big kid now, decide for yourself, but be aware that the geoMob will find every cache in its agenda regardless of your decision.

The geoMob's agenda for the week will usually be posted on this forum for your consideration and anyone can join the hunt.

There is a geoMob email list which you can subscribe to as well, instructions for it will be in a separate topic.

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