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Forum Guidelines
« on: May 05, 2010, 06:35:38 »
Please use the search button!!

It is at the top of the page and there for a reason.  Chances are someone has already solved your problem or answered your question, it has just been a while since the last post.

Please keep your post to the topic that started it!

I am finding threads switching topics a few times through out.  Example, Oregons on sale goes to cheap SD cards to rebates, the last 2 topics should have a new thread as they are info that others may be interested it.   Otherwise your post maybe MOVED (already done)

Please don't hijack a thread

If your post is a joke, comment to a poster and has nothing to do with the topic that should be a PM not a post.  We're all guilty of it, and the odd off the cuff comment is fine, but if it derails the topic of the thread the post may be deleted to keep focus where it belongs.

Please be respectful when posting.

Please be respectful of your fellow cacher.  We are aware that not everyone will agree on things all the time.  You are free to express yourself in a respectful manner.  Avoid answering under the blow of emotion. Criticism being easy, you should rather try to bring something constructive in your answer.   Do not forget that the forums are large amplifiers of conflicts. Threads that become a war of words may be locked. Posts that are personal attacks or are written in a disrespectful manner may be removed.  We understand that some debates can become heated, and this is human nature.  If administrators feel it is getting out of hand, users will be warned.  If warnings are not heeded, a user may be banned.

Please be sure you are posting in the right area.

Admins find this quite often, so be sure you look around the entire forum to find the most appropriate area for your post.  If you think an area should be added PM an admin and it will look into it.  Admins reserve the right to move your post if we feel it's in the wrong area.

Please choose your subject title carefully

Pick a title that describes the subject matter. Be as specific as possible GPS unit, map name, GC#. This gives readers an idea what to expect when opening the thread.
Poor choice = "Check this out, what an idea!!!" thoughts that come to mind, "Porn? Salespitch? WTH...?"
Better = "Wonderful powertrail..!"
Best = "Seaway Trail Geocaches in northern NY State - win a geocoin for FREE."

Report any abuse to the Admins

If you find something that should be brought to admin attention hit the "report to moderator" at the bottom of every post.  Please do not report every little misplaced post or snarky comment just because you may not agree with it.  Report REAL issues.  In orther words, please don't cry wolf, we've got better things to do.

These guidelines may change over time please check back and review them once in a while.
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