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« on: January 05, 2011, 02:08:07 »
So, a few months ago, I decided to get an Otterbox Defender for my Blackberry Bold2 9700.  Red Hair Witch will agree with me on this.

NeoDorset and MrPackrat knows what happened to my Blackberry 8900 Curve, it died a horrible death when I waded out in the water to grab the boat.  <sigh>

Anyways, even though that Otterbox is NOT waterproof, it's still added protection, I can't tell you how many times I've dropped my Blackberry.  Yeah, it'll make the phone a little bigger, but I'd rather have it bigger and protected, than drop it and then have to spend out $100 to fix the screen (BTW, Rogers does have a handset protection garuantee, they'll either fix it or replace it).

In any case, no pun intended, the Defender is a three layered protection.  There's a plaster wrap that protects the keys and screen, a poly carbonate case to protect the phone, and a rubber exterior that protects from dropped shock damage.

If you get it online, it's $69.95USD from the Otterbox website.

But I got mine at Canada Computers for $39.95

Well, the other day, I put the phone in the holster and stood up and the phone fell to the ground.  Not thinking anything of it, I thought that I might not have put it in correctly, so I just picked it up and put in back.  However, this time I did not hear the 'click' that it would make to let me know that it's secure.

I took a close look at my holster and found that I cracked one of the retaining clips.  Bummed out, because I couldn't find the original receipt, I called Otterbox's customer service.  Busy...  Of course, but it gave me the option of leaving my number and an 'Otter' (one of their customer service reps) would call me back.   Within half an hour, I got a call back.  I explained the whole situation and said that I don't have the receipt, but I would like to purchase another holster.

She took my name, number, and address...  But I wanted to know how much this was going to be...   She told me there wasn't going to be any cost, she'll just ship it out.  2 days later, it arrived by Fedex.  Awesome!

Just goes to show you, you can have the best product in the world, but if you don't have customer service, it might fail.  I mean, look at what happened to the Coleco Adam.   ;D

The Otterbox Defender, is made for most phones, Blackberry (if it doesn't slide or flip), iPhone and Android, and yes (GreyingJay), even for iPad!


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Re: Otterbox
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2011, 13:21:23 »
I wanted to chime in on the Otterbox.

I have a Motorola Xoom tablet PC and I used it a while for Geocaching before I bought a Magellan eXplorist 610. I broke one the the retaining clips on the front bezel and while it wasn't really noticeable, it bothered me that I broke it. So I gave them a call and asked if they sold front bezel replacement. The rep asked if I could take a picture of the broken part and asked my my mailing address. A week later, I got a WHOLE new replacement Ottebox Defender. Not just the front bezel, but the whole thing!

Now that's truly going above and beyond. I'm a customer for life!