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Hello folks... I am PhotoCrasher (formally Mac-What). I've been caching since July 2008 and have just over 750 finds now. My old name "Mac-What" was a play on my last name. Back in the day when I told someone my last name they would say "MacWhat???" and the name just kind of stuck.

After caching for a few years it was suggested I change my name to PhotoCrasher becasue every photo I appear in it looks like I'm some sort or stalker crashing it. And since the new made it so easy to change names I thought I'd give it a shot. It was a little weird at first but now I like it and have gotten used to it.

Nice to meet everyone.


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You don't have to be a Star Trek fan to use the words "I Am Kirok".  They can come in handy in everyday life.  For example, if you're sitting in a coffee house and your laptop is malfunctioning, just stand up and yell out "I Am Kirok!".   Find the guy in the corner who laughed, and have him fix your computer.  ;D


I don't have a great story, my name is Ross and I enjoy mtbiking.


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 :) Hello, we are 3-Bearss ... Papa, MaMa and Baby (now ManCub because we went and got old) who took our name plus the fact we are a family of 3. Easy as that  ::) We started in Nova Scotia, got posted to Ottawa to raid caches (oh and work at NDHQ too) and meet new peeps. Life is good.

By the way, we are just casual cachers  8)


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Binrat here, been caching over 8 years and have cached in many places across Canada and the US of A.

Work as a Army Reservist with over 23 years in.

The best part of Geocaching is finding those hidden places you wouldn't have known about unless you were a local.

The best example lately was McCoutrie Park in Michigan.

Every bridge is made of concrete, even the fake ropes.



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We are Babushka_Qc. Why ? Simply because I often wear "babouches" (flip-flops) while geocaching. And we added Qc because 1. Babushka already existed 2. we began geocaching in Ontario during our vacations but we live in Quebec (Gatineau for 9 years, Quebec city before).

First time I read about geocaching is 3 years ago in an article of a magazine. The following summer, we bought an Etrex Legend and here we are, 1449 caches later !


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Hi, my name is Ron and my wife is Maureen my handle is TEGIRO, short for (TE)odore (GI)lbert (RO)nald.. I thought it was kinda neat and simple for a name. Now....don't go saying's TEGIRO (smiles).
It was in late Aug 2007 or the first week of Sep 2007 that I was reading the Ottawa citizen and came across the Travel section that had an article on geocaching. It really peaked my interest. I then went to the website and also visited the Canada’s Capital Cachers (CCC) website. My interest grew even further. I searched the websites for the best GPSr and being a novice to this whole new adventure was not sure wether to select a hand held unit or the ones for the vehicle travelling type. I eventually selected the Nuvï 350. It was a very good choice as I used it for about 3 years (and still use it today) until I purchased a Garmin GPSmap 60Csx. A great if not the best  GPSr in my humble opinion.
As I became known as TEGIRO and accumulated many many caches my wife was wondering why it was always me who was registered as THE finder. So we though of getting her a handle but then we cache mostly together and so we decided just to add her in my log finds as Mrs TEGIRO. We are happy with that.
Since 2007 we have found a little over 1241 caches + many events in eastern Canada and have even searched for them in Europe (down the Rhine River from Holland to Switzerland, almost every country bordering on the Rhine).
We’ve also logged caches in each US state from NY to FL on our way down south for a winter break.
We both love geacaching immensely and try to get others to participate, But it is not alway easy as a lot of people wonder what the fun is. Anyway, we love it as it keeps us active outside and with plenty of exercise.


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Hi folks..! Well, our name is not very original but we're a couple of inveterate canoeists who, due to advancing years & tender knees, switched to kayaking in 2005. Nothing we like better than to find a cache by kayak.
We've been caching since July '07 &, although we live north of Belleville, we find ourselves caching quite often in the Ottawa area.

Our GC.Com profile says it all.

Cheers everyone. 


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I guess I am a newbie to the CCC, but I'm certainly not a newbie to geocaching.  I started back in March 2002 because that was when I finally bought my first GPS.  My biggest regret in geocaching is not signing up for my account sooner.  I had actually heard about it some time around September 2000.   I had just finished working for Ducks Unlimited for the summer doing GPS ground truthing around Minnesota and Iowa and was offered a job in Rochester, NY.  I enjoyed working with the GPS and wanted to get one for myself, but what the heck would I use it for.  I started looking at them online.  They were pretty expensive back then (about $500) and that was for a Garmin 12 or Magellan ...hmm, can't remember the model of the Magellans back then.  I came across the geocaching website and was reading about GPS units in their forums.  Someone recommended the Garmin over the Magellan for being more user friendly, I think, and I guess I took their advice to heart - I've been a devout Garmin girl every since.  Anyway, I had also just graduated from 4 years at University and then 1 year taking an advanced course in GIS and was just starting to pay back all my student loans.  Didn't have a lot of spare cache (I mean cash - I just can't seem to type that word any more) back then, so spending $500 on a GPS was a bit out of my budget.  Finally in March 2002, they came out with the eTrex Legend series that were a bit cheaper (I think it might have been under $300) and I ordered one off  The day it arrived in the mail, I signed up for my account and set out to find my first geocache.  I also signed up for premium membership on immediately as I knew I would be hooked.  There weren't many benefits to premium membership back then - no such thing as paperless caching.  I think the only thing it really gave you was access to the members only caches, and there were very few of those in existance.

Anyway, making a long story even longer, my username comes from a time when I was in the lab at school working on one of my GIS assignments, and a friend said to me "your hair looks like a jungle today!".  I figured junglehair suited me, and if you ever see me after crashing through the bush, you'll know why.  I later determined that I should perhaps have researched my name a bit further, but that's a story for another day - perhaps when I get to know you all better.  I'm still trying to live that one down in Manitoba!

So I started caching in Upstate NY, then in 2006 I moved back home to my home town of Winnipeg and worked there for 4 years.  That's where I met Tromelin (through geocaching).  This summer, he was transferred to Ottawa, so we moved here and bought a house in 'farrhaven".  Looking forward to meeting more of you out on the trails and at the events.

Sandra (aka junglehair)

P.S.  I see there are a few other GIS geocachers around here - I'm still looking for a job here in Ottawa, so if you have any leads, let me know!


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welcome! starkiller and (teresa baldwin.. i forget her caching name!) both do GIS stuff in or around ottawa  ;D perhaps they may be of assistance to you!


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teresa baldwin.. i forget her caching name!

trinitea, her userID is trinitea.

In Kingston both Remote Sensor (Ontario MoT) and jebcrow (RMC) are GIS/Remote Sensing specialists. Here in Ottawa GIS-Guy works for the City.

Welcome to Ottawa!

Blue -
Without shared stories we are strangers.
- Sheila Mendonça


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Hello.  My caching name is Weathervane. My wife bought me a Magellan Sport Trac because we liked to hike and it would help us go off the beaten path.  Unfortunately, we did not use it much and it stayed in its box until my son and his wife, whose caching name is Pibelle, came home after having spent some time looking for information on a car navigation GPS.  While doing so, he came across information about geocaching.  He asked if he could borrow our GPS and I said sure.  After a week or two, he asked if we would like to go with them and we did so. The first caches we found were in the Gatineau Park.  The sport appealed to us because it incorporated many of the sports we had been participating in for a long time, i.e., hiking, biking and even canoeing.  Needless to say, we were hooked and have not looked back since. At time, I feel like slowing down a bit but there is always a new puzzle that attracts our attention.  I like the camaraderie, the exchange of information, the monthly and yearly events and the opportunity to travel and visit spots we would never have had the opportunity to visit if it were not for geocahing.  DNFs and impossible to solve puzzle can be a little frustrating and all that driving can be exasperating as well, but all in all, you never have enough and can't wait for the new geocache to arrive in the mail box.  As for my geocaching name, I wanted to use the word "girouette" but because it was not available, I chose the English translation of the word which is  "weathervane".  I quickly concluded that weathervane was an appropriate name for a geocacher looking for caches, particularly when there is a thick canopy of leaves.  In these circumstances, the directional arrow on my GPS points right, then left, then right, etc.  All this stopping, going forward, reversing and turning around reminded me of a weathervane.


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5davee here.

In 2006, my son and I were going on a car trip to Kenora in Northern Ontario to visit my mother. My wife had read an article about geocaching and suggested that I buy a GPS so my son would have something interesting to do while on the trip and in Kenora. We only found ~10 caches on the trip, but we were hooked.

I'm a retired computer guy. Back in the 80s, we worked on Unix and my userid was "davee" (first name and first letter of last name). When I got a Rogers connection at home, I tried to use "davee", but it was already taken. That was a long time ago, and in those days the Roger's representative helped you set up your home connection and to choose a user name. The Roger's representative suggested "".  I liked it so I kept it. Unfortunately, that was before SPAM filters and after a year or two I was receiving so much SPAM on 4davee that I had to desert it and switch 5davee. I've used 5davee every since. I have found that when I join a new computer list, the name 5davee is always available. When I joined geocaching, it seemed like tag to use.


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I started geocaching five years ago when a friend showed me Zartimus's Bigfoot geocache video ( and told me about geocaching.

Besides hiking, my other summertime activities scuba diving, cycling and mountain biking. I tried for a few geocaching handles related to biking but they were taken and because I was already on another forum as scuabdiver I stuck with it.


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i got started on GC after reading an story in the Dog in Canada magazine a thought that it would be a good thing to with my dog and now both dogs. my name is the same name i have been using online for some time now.


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I enjoy juice.  Sometimes a little too much.