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Intentional offset on a traditional cache
« on: March 07, 2011, 11:55:41 »
I thought I would mention it on the forum. Maybe others don't think like I do.

I just went to look for "Not For Drink" (GC1HJMV) by Duffy73, but the cache was a good 15 meters away from the posted coordinates. As it's a traditional cache, I hadn't read the description before going to find it. When I found the container, I thought it had been moved around by other cachers.

Well, I just read the cache description: "The coordinates listed will take you to a small clearing which is about 15m from the actual cache location."

I'm not sure, but I believe he could use a puzzle cache type for that kind of offset ("from the posted coordinates, look around, spot the maple tree growing through the birch tree and you'll find the cache"). As it's a traditional cache, shouldn't the coordinates be the ones for the container?

15 meters is not too much of an offset in summer, but when snow flies, it's pretty much impossible to find (it's listed as winter friendly because it probably used to be hanging at head level, but it was below my knees, under the snow in the middle of the tree crotch). No matter what, I don't think an intentional offset on a traditional cache should be allowed. Maybe I'm wrong.


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Re: Intentional offset on a traditional cache
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2011, 13:06:40 »
I agree with cron, and my log for 02 Dec 2008 said so - "... but I'm not sure why the co-ordinates are deliberately off. Isn't the whole point of this sport that we have this accurate handheld navigation instrument? Isn't this a traditional cache? " I even provided the correct co-ordinates. I see Duffy73 has chosen to keep the original co-ordinates......

In my opinion if it's a traditional the co-ordinates are where it's sitting. If it's one of those " at the GZ look around for...." caches then it's a puzzle or perhaps a multi-cache, but listing it improperly just leads to confusion.

I'm told that in some parts it's very common to find these 'traditional' caches which are actually offsets multi-caches, but these aberrations should be corrected as they are discovered.

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Re: Intentional offset on a traditional cache
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2011, 15:43:55 »
I had sent a note to the reviewer and he just updated the coordinates. Case closed!  ;)