Author Topic: Great caches and powertrail in the Badlands (Alberta)  (Read 3594 times)

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Great caches and powertrail in the Badlands (Alberta)
« on: July 30, 2011, 02:17:44 »
Hello all,

We have just come back from the "Best of the BAD" Mega-Event in the Badlands (Alberta), and even though the event-related fun is over, I would like to highly recommend the "Legacy Trail". It has more than 200 caches, but definitely not all the boring type.
You will have an amazing tour of the Badlands, with very scenic views, even getting to some of the local touristic attractions, and a good number of caches will even be worthy of hitting the Favorites button. Even though mostly traditionals, there are a few puzzle caches too, and even a few more different icons.
Don't expect to find them all on the same day: I have not seen anybody find more than 130 in a day. But once you start enjoying the trail, you realize very quickly that contrary to other powertrails, the end-resulting number is only a very small part of the fun.
Here is the official bookmark of the Legacy Trail:

Just a couple of warnings: 99% of the caches are NOT winter-friendly. Also, most of the Legacy Trail is on gravel roads that can become challenging to navigate on wet days.

If you want to trade your geocaching outfit for a tourist one, you will have plenty of options in the Drumheller area, from the tallest standing (fake) dinosaur in the world, to the suspension bridge, to the famous Hoodoos, to the Atlas Coal Mine, the Last Chance Saloon and the world-renowned Royal Tyrell Museum. Did I mention that there are Virtuals or Earthcaches at about all those places and more? If you are into challenges, you can try the D/T 4.5/4.5 cache closeby (a traditional only 400m away from the road, but it deserves every single half-star of its terrain rating).

Definitely worthy of spending a few days touring the area.



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Re: Great caches and powertrail in the Badlands (Alberta)
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2011, 12:09:54 »
Thanks for the great report. This will be a great resource for anyone heading west.

At least I'm consistent, about half the time...