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Re: Freakin' Garmin software!
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I upgraded the firmware on my Oregon 550 just before the GAG event.  I just checked it and Lock on Road was still set to No for me.

Tromelin and I had an issue about a week ago when I tried to beam a geocache to him and our units both froze.  After popping the batteries out, we both lost all the waypoints.  Well, not quite all - just all the geocaches.  We did still have a few parking coordinates and the waypoints that we had created.  Not very useful when you've just driven an hour away from home to start caching for the day and you have no caches loaded.  I have the 550 and Tromelin has the 450 and we've both had this issue when loading caches.  We always turn the units on and test them before leaving home.  This was the first time I lost the waypoints in the field though.  Really annoying.

Interesting, I upgraded my Oregon 300 just before the event as well so that I would be CHIRP enable.  On Saturday, my unit locked up while trying to send a waypoint to tcort.  On reboot, my GAG15 caches were still there but my default Ottawa caches were gone except for the additional parking and trail waypoints.  Both my GPX files were stored on the card, not the unit.

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Re: Freakin' Garmin software!
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I have had this happen on my Colorado 400c as well. This is the main reason that I have purchased GSAK, and use it to load all the local caches as POI's. At least if this happens, I still have the caches on my system, though they're not quite as convenient.

That's a really smart idea... We never use POIs with the Colorado because it seemed to defeat the point of paperless caching, but as a backup it's a really good idea.

The Delorme so far seems very stable in comparison, it never has problems loading GPXs. I still check that the waypoints show up on the machine but I've never had to go back and resend a GPX or 'touch' the file on the machine. However it once displayed a cache name as garbage characters in the list of caches although selecting the cache showed the correct name. It has it's own warts which I'm finding and the screen is tiny, but so far they're minor annoyances and not major headaches like this GPX thing on the Colorado/Oregon.

I've only had one firmware update though, so I can't really tell yet if Delorme ships out firmware that ends up bricking the unit.

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