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EarthTrek is done
« on: September 27, 2011, 12:27:13 »
Just received from EarthTrek:

September 2011

Dear Ron

It is with great regret that EarthTrek is closing down after two years of impact. Unfortunately after many, many hours of dedicated work searching for a company and/or grant to support the continuation of the EarthTrek concept we have not been able to secure long-term viable funding. And for that reason, the EarthTrek program will close on the 30 September 2011.

That said, all the research projects associated with EarthTrek will continue on in their own right. Please watch for details from the leaders of those program how you can continue to be involved.

The Gravestone Project, somewhat the flagship of EarthTrek, will continue to accept data during 2011. The final report will then be issued based on the data early in 2012. You can still follow the links on this page for the Gravestone and other science projects.

The EarthTrek Shop now has a fabulous sale - geocoins, rulers, calipers and more are all on sale. So now is a great time to grab a piece of history (and some neat tools) for very low prices!

I thank you all again for your fabulous support and for the great data you collected for real research projects.


Gary Lewis
Director, EarthTrek

I have to admit, my interest waned almost immediately after it seemed like all they wanted to do was sell me stuff. No big loss I guess.


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Re: EarthTrek is done
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2011, 08:48:03 »

I was all excited about measuring headstones and counting hummingbirds but then the equipment requirements, and prices, scrolled into view....

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