Author Topic: Oregon and Dakota comparaison.  (Read 1608 times)

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Oregon and Dakota comparaison.
« on: November 10, 2011, 11:54:17 »

I'm currently shopping a GPSr for somebody else.  She wants one that has touchscreen.  The only two models I know that have the touchscreen feature are the Oregon and Dakota family.  How do they compare to each other?  I know that the Dakota's screen is a bit smaller (2,6 inches vs 3 inches).  Is there anything else I should know?

I should mention that I already have an Oregon 300.  Do the Dakotas have the same kind of feature?

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Re: Oregon and Dakota comparaison.
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For those interested: I've asked the same question on the Groundspeak forum.  The result was very interesting.  You can see it at: