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Rouyn-Noranda - Sept 17-19
« on: August 23, 2010, 08:25:10 »
A few COG'gers are heading up to Rouyn-Noranda for the weekend of Sept 17-19.  Some of us are trying to qualify for the California Fizzy Challenge (and some of us are just coming for the fun of it  ;D )

If anyone from the CCC wants to come up and laugh at our French skills, we would welcome the company!

Here are the Goal caches of the trip:

117 Hot Wheels-Kinojevis  d5.0/t4.5  Qualifies for CA Fizzy (therefore qualifies for ALL similar fizzy caches published since). Next closest is in Makinaw MI and appears to be in trouble right now.

Célébration de mon premier géosiècle d3.5/t4.5  (we have final coords)

Série Kékéko # 2 d2.5/t4.5  Qualifies for CA Fizzy.


Série Kékéko #3 d2.5/t4.5  Qualifies for CA Fizzy.

L'or d'une Revolution d4.5/t3 - Need Translation assistance with this one