Author Topic: The GArmin Montana - is everyone happy?  (Read 2614 times)

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The GArmin Montana - is everyone happy?
« on: April 26, 2012, 09:29:52 »
The the past few weeks I've done some caching with Mr. Packrat, who has been using his new Montana (the model with the built in camera).

I must say I'm not very impressed. He seems to be dealing with a number of 'issues', has downloaded some beta releases of the firmware to solve some problems only to encounter different problems crop up. Is anyone else experiencing these problems with the Montana?

Based on Packrat's experience alone I would definitely not buy this unit.

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Re: The GArmin Montana - is everyone happy?
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2012, 09:19:54 »
I've been using the Montana 650 since October 2011 and have been very impressed with it.  I'm running firmware v.3.70 and the unit is running flawlessly for me.  The only issue I encounter is that the unit reboots when it's unit is shaken a bit too violently, (jumping a creek, hitting a big bump while the unit is in a bike mount, etc.).  I discussed this issue with DnD at the last M&E, and he suggested that the connection between the lithium battery and the unit's battery terminal might be compromised when the unit is shaken.  I haven't tested the "cardboard trick" to tighten up the connection between the battery and the terminals, but I'll be doing so this weekend.

I'm interested in the issues Mr. Packrat is encountering.  On the software side, I haven't experienced any issues, and I feel I've put the unit through it's paces in the past several months.

I'm more than happy recommending the Montana 650 as the unit has exceeded my expectations, even with it's high price-point.