Author Topic: A brief history of Canada’s Capital “Go and Get’em” Events!  (Read 3592 times)

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In the early days of geocaching having a cache to find was a more common problem than you’d think in today’s ‘cache saturated’ environment. There are thousands of caches in the Ottawa/Gatineau region now, but back in 2002 they were rare gems that everyone could find fairly quickly. Then Tick & Nammie had an idea, an event where cachers would place caches for others to find, followed by a social gathering. The first Go and Get Em!!!!!!!! (GC35E3) happened in February of 2002 and was attended by Cliffy, Tick & Nammie, Binthair, 300Mag, pepperway, Sparhawk, markus and steve & gang.

That format of collaboration, placing caches for publication as a group and enjoying the social hunt and event to follow continued with Tick & Nammie hosting GAG events twice a year. The numbers of people participating became more and more difficult to manage as most restaurants and pubs can’t deal with over two hundred people showing up for a sit down meal so after Go and Get Em 10!!! (GC11RNC) Tick & Nammie decided to stop hosting these semi-annual bouts of caching madness…

But some were not content to let the tradition go and GAG11 - Go and Get'em 11 by Canada's Capital Cachers GAG Committee (GC15RBJ) was published in October 2007. The venue was plenty big this time, but the cost of attending and the logistics and labour of running so big an event made us re-think the idea of a catered event. Subsequent events have simplified things by renting a large venue but keeping the food an individual ‘bring your own’ choice. The events were also scheduled for just once a year.

While populating the region with new caches is no longer the primary goal of the GAG events it is still the tradition that everyone hides a “GAG” cache for the frenzy of searching that takes place from 6 PM Friday to 6 PM Saturday. The Event page can no longer describe this tradition, the guidelines now discourage this practice, but eight years of local history isn’t discarded without some resistance!

Whether you place a GAG cache or not, only hunt down the GAG caches or only attend the Event Cache it’s always a great weekend of meeting old and new friends on the trail! 
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